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Onsite Consulting

Steve Liebroder
We helped put your company on the digital map Now let’s fix your place in house.


Cost Analysis

Training & Services

Systems Analysis

Operational Systems Checked

Churn & Customer Retention

Services Provided

3-month minimum commitment

How our in-house consulting works.


Like you’ve seen on TV without all the yelling!

Food, Drink, Beer, and Labor Cost Analysis – Are your Costs where they should be? Do you know what they should be?

Training Systems and Service Techniques Analysis – Are management and employees trained consistently? Have they been trained to make themselves and your establishment more money per customer?

Systems Analysis – Are your current systems the best for your kind of establishment, or are they costing you money and customers?

Operational Systems – Inventory control in-house, inventory control-ordering – checks and balances from management down. Can you walk into your establishment any time and know what is being served, what needs to be ordered, and who’s making you money or taking money from you within a few minutes of your arrival?

Customer Churn / Customer Retention – Do you know your churn rate? Do you have systems in place to mitigate if your rate is higher? If higher, do you know why? Are you doing your part for your business?

Employee Hiring and Retention – Are you attracting the right staff? Do you know how to do so? How are you keeping them engaged and happy to work? Are you making their job easier or more difficult daily, weekly, or monthly?


  • $500 / 2 hour consult
  • Credited towards services, should we decide to move forward together.

Launch $5000

  • Undercover operations / testing for one week.
  • Meeting with management / staff.
  • Complete Inventory BOH, FOH, and systems review.


  • $15,000 / month
  • Includes everything discussed above
  • Meals provided