GeoFencing for Bars

Feb 1, 2023

Calling all bar owners! Are you fed up with empty seats and declining revenue? GeoFencing is the answer, so have no fear!

What exactly is GeoFencing? It is a method for transforming your bar into a massive, invisible force field that attracts visitors from wherever. (It’s not quite that dramatic, but close.)

GeoFencing allows you to deliver targeted promotions and special offers to consumers within a specified distance of your establishment. They will be unable to resist the temptation, believe me.

Consequently, how can you use GeoFencing to enhance foot traffic and income at your bar?

Here are some suggestions from our team at
Offer special specials or discounts to consumers who use their mobile devices to check in at your bar. Is it not true that nothing attracts more people to a bar than the promise of inexpensive drinks?

Utilize GeoFencing to send tailored promotions to clients nearby, enticing them to visit your bar.

You could even get creative and give a “mystery” deal, such as “Come to our bar and receive a free drink or (your choice) a hug from the owner.”

Use GeoFencing to notify local consumers about your pub’s happy hour and other special events. Who doesn’t appreciate happy hour? And if you make it even more tempting by sending out a notification, you’re guaranteed to see a surge in clients.

Use GeoFencing to notify local customers about live music and other events at your pub. If a great band is performing at your pub, you’ll want as many people as possible to know about it.

Utilize Geofencing to offer customized beverage and food recommendations to bar patrons. If you have a consumer who likes craft beer, why not notify them that you’ve just tapped a rare new brew? Or, if a customer regularly orders the same burger, why not recommend that they try something new?

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But what if clients at other bars receive these notifications and decide to patronize me instead?” That is the beauty of GeoFencing, my friend. You can also target promotions and discounts to patrons of different bars. Ensure that you are respectful and do not use aggressive or intrusive marketing techniques. That’s why our experts at handle your GeoFencing, so it’s done right the first time and every time.

In conclusion, while GeoFencing may not be the only remedy for improving foot traffic and revenue at your bar, it can be a seriously valuable marketing tool. So go ahead and give us a call and see how it can work for you.

Don’t blame me if your bar is so crowded that you have to turn people away. You’ve been warned. Call us today at (727) 382-6843 or Schedule your free 15-minute consultation at